ReactOS: Best Windows OS Alternative Review

Are you looking for a quick replacement for Windows OS? ReactOS might be just what you need.

While there are countless similar Windows OS clones out there, ReactOS is poised to be the perfect Windows alternative. On the other hand, ReactOS is an open source Operating System that enables you to run native Microsoft Windows compatible applications.

In addition, React OS developers used the same Windows NT design blueprint in its architecture. This makes it almost difficult to differentiate them. Moreover, Windows OS might cost a few bucks, unlike ReactOS which I absolutely free with no strings attached.

Key Features of ReactOS Windows Alternative

ReactOS comes with the following similar Windows features:

  1. ReactOS can easily be installed using their LiveCD or BootCD similar to Microsoft Windows OS bootable USB or CD. Additionally, ReactOS offers documentation for installing the Operating System effectively. This enables ReactOS enthusiasts to seamlessly install the Operating System without glitches.
  2. It is lightweight and occupies only 500MB HDD space and utilizes 98MB RAM just like Windows 10 S. Therefore, you can try it out on your old or new computer due to its minimum system requirements.
  3. ReactOS comes with a classic Windows desktop theme similar to Windows OS. For instance, ReactOS users get traditional Windows-like menu such as the windows taskbar, start menu icon, file explorer, recycle bin, and many more.
  4. This Operating System comes with free open modules such as system drivers and games. One of the most popular ReactOS games is Solitaire which is also part of the Windows OS game bundle.
  5. Similar to Windows Store, ReactOS also has an application store which enables users to install certified and tested programs. Nevertheless, ReactOS is able to run many Windows software applications as well.
  6. ReactOS is coded from scratch by other 100 developers and it is constantly maintained by its team of developers. Unlike other Windows-Clone which are not heavily coded like React OS, which has about 90 million lines of code.
  7. The two ReactOS versions Boot CD and Live CD are available for download and can be easily set up. There are claims that ReactOS can run all Windows applications and drivers developed for the Microsoft Windows NT series. This includes Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Window XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


While all the ReactOS features might intrigue, the Operating System cannot be at par with Windows OS in terms of security. According to reports from ReactOS community, ReactOS is vulnerable to certain viruses and malware; this might be an issue mitigating Windows users from migrating to ReactOS.

However, the security issue in ReactOS can be tackled by utilizing efficient antiviruses such as ClamWin, AVG, Panda, and many more. In addition, ReactOS constantly release updates that tackle security issues and also provide subtle improvements to bring about system stability; therefore, you should ensure you update your ReactOS as soon as latest updates are available.

In conclusion, ReactOS developers had Windows users in mind, which is why they developed ReactOS so as to replace the mighty Windows OS as an alternative. Additionally, you can run several Windows applications in this free and open source environment which is reliable. Besides, the free option alone makes ReactOS the perfect Microsoft Windows alternative.