Short Review of AVG Ultimate Antivirus


What is AVG Ultimate?

AVG Ultimate is a top-end antivirus and tune-up program, designed by foremost software security company – AVG Technologies. AVG Technologies (s.r.o) on the other hand, is a Czech-based tech firm, which has an interest in computer and internet security. The company is a subset of Avast, a leading producer of antivirus and other web security solutions.

In addition, AVG Ultimate is designed to serve as, not only a durable antivirus but also a performance-enhancing computer/smartphone program. Besides that, AVG Ultimate hosts a wide range of features to ensure you are protected from any form of malicious attack, while at the same time improving your device’s overall performance.


Key Features of AVG Ultimate

AVG Ultimate hosts two basic sets of features; Computer Security and TuneUp features.

  • Security

Just like a typical antivirus, it hosts a set of advanced security features, which protect computers from malware attacks. These features include Advanced Antivirus, Enhanced Firewall, Behaviour Shield, File Shredder, CyberCapture and more.

  • TuneUp

This is the set of features that make this AVG Ultimate unique. Nevertheless, this antivirus program comes with “performance optimizers” or tune-up features which include One-click maintenance, Sleep mode, Software Uninstaller, DiskCleaner and more.

  • System Support & Requirements

This powerful antivirus program is flexibly built to support both computer systems and mobile phones. By the way, there are dedicated apps for both sets of devices. Essentially, this antivirus program is fully supported on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Android and iOS platforms.

Download AVG Ultimate from the official website

The Bottom Line

This efficient antivirus software takes computer and cybersecurity to a whole new level, as it is well-equipped to protect computers (and smartphones) against external attacks, while also optimizing the overall performance of such devices.

In light of this, AVG Ultimate is highly recommended for users, who are seeking to, not only secure their systems but also improve the overall performance of their systems.

ReactOS: Best Windows OS Alternative Review


Are you looking for a quick replacement for Windows OS? ReactOS might be just what you need.

While there are countless similar Windows OS clones out there, ReactOS is poised to be the perfect Windows alternative. On the other hand, ReactOS is an open source Operating System that enables you to run native Microsoft Windows compatible applications.

In addition, React OS developers used the same Windows NT design blueprint in its architecture. This makes it almost difficult to differentiate them. Moreover, Windows OS might cost a few bucks, unlike ReactOS which I absolutely free with no strings attached.

Key Features of ReactOS Windows Alternative

ReactOS comes with the following similar Windows features:

  1. ReactOS can easily be installed using their LiveCD or BootCD similar to Microsoft Windows OS bootable USB or CD. Additionally, ReactOS offers documentation for installing the Operating System effectively. This enables ReactOS enthusiasts to seamlessly install the Operating System without glitches.
  2. It is lightweight and occupies only 500MB HDD space and utilizes 98MB RAM just like Windows 10 S. Therefore, you can try it out on your old or new computer due to its minimum system requirements.
  3. ReactOS comes with a classic Windows desktop theme similar to Windows OS. For instance, ReactOS users get traditional Windows-like menu such as the windows taskbar, start menu icon, file explorer, recycle bin, and many more.
  4. This Operating System comes with free open modules such as system drivers and games. One of the most popular ReactOS games is Solitaire which is also part of the Windows OS game bundle.
  5. Similar to Windows Store, ReactOS also has an application store which enables users to install certified and tested programs. Nevertheless, ReactOS is able to run many Windows software applications as well.
  6. ReactOS is coded from scratch by other 100 developers and it is constantly maintained by its team of developers. Unlike other Windows-Clone which are not heavily coded like React OS, which has about 90 million lines of code.
  7. The two ReactOS versions Boot CD and Live CD are available for download and can be easily set up. There are claims that ReactOS can run all Windows applications and drivers developed for the Microsoft Windows NT series. This includes Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Window XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


While all the ReactOS features might intrigue, the Operating System cannot be at par with Windows OS in terms of security. According to reports from ReactOS community, ReactOS is vulnerable to certain viruses and malware; this might be an issue mitigating Windows users from migrating to ReactOS.

However, the security issue in ReactOS can be tackled by utilizing efficient antiviruses such as ClamWin, AVG, Panda, and many more. In addition, ReactOS constantly release updates that tackle security issues and also provide subtle improvements to bring about system stability; therefore, you should ensure you update your ReactOS as soon as latest updates are available.

In conclusion, ReactOS developers had Windows users in mind, which is why they developed ReactOS so as to replace the mighty Windows OS as an alternative. Additionally, you can run several Windows applications in this free and open source environment which is reliable. Besides, the free option alone makes ReactOS the perfect Microsoft Windows alternative.

Transfer program files on Windows PC with these 3 apps

transfer program files

Getting a new computer is very good, but the thought of having to move your files, data, pictures, videos, programs, game settings among others can really be stressful.

One of the main reasons why most things like videos, music and documents can be copied manually and software cannot, is mainly because Windows writes some certain keys to the computer registry when a program is installed and these programs automatically make associations with some already installed programs for proper functioning.

The most preferable solution to having your old files back is to have a Transfer and backup software. The secure way when Windows Vista was still active was Windows Easy Transfer (WET) but it is no longer in use as hardly do people use the Vista version of windows.

However, alternatives to program files mover software are listed below and are considered the top three in the market.

Best software to transfer program files for Windows PC users

  1. Zinstall WinWin

transfer program filesThe Zinstall WinWin is one of the major software used in transferring program files from one Windows PC to another, the Zinstall WinWin software transfers all the files you select from your old computer to the new one. The tool allows the transfer of all files including program, music, documents, videos, emails, settings, and accounts making your new computer feel like the old one without making any adjustment to any file transferred.

Zinstall WinWin is compatible to work with Windows 10, 8/8.1/7/XP and also Vista, so also is any edition either 32 or 64-bit. Same windows transfer is also allowed and other PC models transfer. Modified to keep connected computers on the same LAN to work together and can also work if the two computers are connected by a LAN cable.

The main reason why Zinstall is mostly accepted worldwide is based on accuracy and compatibility with all devices and models. Unlike other file transfer application software, the Zinstall WinWin software completely replicates the environment of your previous PC on the new one perfectly depending on what you select for transfer though.

Below are steps involved in having your files backed up safe and secure by the Zinstall WinWin software:

  • Try downloading the Zinstall WinWin software from the official website.
  • After downloading, run Zinstall WinWin on the current computer (the one files are being transferred from).
  • No configurations needed, as long as both computers are on the same network.
  • Click the Advanced menu to select the files you want to be transferred, and if you want everything transferred you need not go to the advanced menu.
  • Click ‘Go’ on the computer and transfer will automatically begin simple and easy.
  1. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro

transfer program filesMigrating files with the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro is very easy, you can migrate files, programs and also move along their settings from one PC to another irrespective of the brand. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro is a unique brand that was developed to solve most transfer issues related to moving files, with the tool you can choose to move certain files and program along with their settings.

It is a free application and also a window data migration software which can easily migrate the whole system files with just one click. Below are guides to using the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro:

  • Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro on both Windows PC; ensure they are on the same LAN.
  • Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro on both of the windows and then select the PC you want to transfer to.
  • If the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro cannot detect the other PC enter the IP address.
  • Afterwards, select the program you want to be transferred along with the data and destination path.
  • Then click transfer.
  • Wait for the process to be completed
  1. PickMeApp

transfer program filesThis is a free application software and also portable, it can help you quickly transfer individual programs along with their already placed settings and data simple and easy. This software backs up the selected program files you want alongside their data and settings and then reinstalling it completely on another computer. The two computers don’t have to be on the same network, it will reinstall all programs executable and other related settings and registry keys.

Getting the PickMeApp is easy, but because the software still in beta version, it is required to sign up on the site and then a download link will be sent to your mail. The URL in this email will lead you to the download site. What makes it handy and widely portable is that you can easily take the folder anywhere and run it from the folder itself without having to install it every time.

Below are steps to installing the PickMeApp to help you transfer your program files from one window PC to another:

  • Install PickMeApp from the official website
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • On the left column, the display will present a view of all installed programs on the computer while the right column shows programs compatible with the PickMeApp.
  • To back up any program along with data and settings, select and then check it in the left column, thereafter you can click the capture button.


All files compatible can be installed with just a single click. Backup processes can take time depending on the size of program files being backed up.

In addition, the PickMeApp would automatically create a .tap backup file in the download section of the computer; hence, the .tap backup file can be taken anywhere and installed on any PC window without any alteration.


Most of the easy transfers are usually photos, music, videos, documents, but programs are difficult to move if the right software tools are not in place. In general, it highly considered that if perhaps this software fails, and you were not able to recover some of your programs it advisable to just reinstall the program to avoid altering any other part of the system.